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Systems Thinking Resources

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Systems Thinking Resources  

There are many organizations that provide resources and opportunities to learn more about Systems Thinking and System Dynamics. Below are links to a few that we find most useful.

  • CC Modeling Systems is dedicated to helping educators bring dynamic modeling of real world challenges into the classroom. The web site features modeling projects with video presentations from students enrolled in Diana Fisher's high school modeling classes. 

  • Creative Learning Exchange  facilitates communication among K-12 schools and teachers to help create a network of schools using Systems education. It solicits teaching materials and ideas from participating teachers and makes them available at cost to educators. 

  • Donella Meadows Institute  seeks to bring economic, social and environmental systems into closer harmony with the realities of a finite planet. The Institute provides archives of the work of its founder and Systems Thinking pioneer, Dana Meadows.

  • Making Connections  is the isee systems blog. Blog topics cover subjects ranging from a systems perspective of current news events to modeling tips for STELLA and iThink users. 

  • Society for Organizational Learning  (SoL) is a learning community composed of organizations, individuals, and local SoL communities around the world.

  • System Dynamics Society  is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the development and use of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics around the world.

  • Systems Thinking in Schools  is a Waters Foundation Project that provides training and resource materials to K-12 teachers and administrators. 

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute  The Social Sciences and Policy Studies Department at WPI offers Online Graduate Programs and courses in System Dynamics and Systems Modeling.

From ISEE http://www.iseesystems.com/community/STArticles/SystemsThinking.aspx 


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