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Platform Development

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    • We help organizations to build platforms that mobilize ecosystems for an age of innovation, complexity, and interdependence. 

    • We explore the future of organizing and business model innovation by creating free tools and by delivering workshops, training and advisory services to our adopters community.






    • Our Videos and Webinars are a mix between conversations with #PDToolkit adopters, open AMAs with the connected community and featured talks with special guests. They cover all about platforms and ecosystems and how the strategy of the connected organization needs to change in the XXIst century.




    • And general considerations on creating design tools at today




    • Principle #1 — Recognize the potential that grows at the Edge

    • Principle #2 — Design For Emergence

    • Principle #3 — Use Self Organization to provide Mass Customization

    • Principle #4 — Enable Continuous Learning (in VUCA)

    • Principle #5 — Design For Disobedience

    • Principle #6 — Design For Interconnectedness

    • Principle #7 — Let go the identity, identify with the whole




    • DIY Pattern Cards that can help you frame the Platform Design opportunity available in your context






    • Method is simply a research tool, a component of research – say for example, a qualitative method such as interviews. Methodology is the justification for using a particular research method.




    • To fully embrace a platform strategy, is perhaps the only way that UNDP can truly generate systemic learning at scale and localize intervention capability in the context. Addressing a complex reality with industrial, linear mindsets will be a massive opportunity loss, and waste of potential; the potential that lies in the players in the ecosystems, increasingly powered by pervasive technologies and open knowledge.



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