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En-Roads Webinars

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Webinars (registration required)










  • En-ROADS Simulator Dynamics – Part 2. (5)

    • Slides 

      • During this webinar, Climate Interactive’s Co-Director and Co-Founder, Dr. Elizabeth Sawin will introduce some of the ways that you can use En-ROADS to drive conversations around multi-solving. Multi-solving focuses on the development of real-world climate solutions that are rooted in environmental justice, while also offering co-benefits in health, well-being, climate resilience, and beyond. Dr. Sawin will examine the intersections of multi-solving principles and policies that can be tested in En-ROADS.







  • Webinar on Confidence Building

      • Curious to learn more about how we tested and built confidence in the En-ROADS model? Watch this additional webinar on En-ROADS testing to further your knowledge on model comparisons, calibrations, and the extensive testing we did while developing En-ROADS.






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