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Community Regeneration

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  1. Earth Regenerators A Study Group for Restoring Planetary Health and Avoiding Human Extinction
    1. Lead by Joe Brewer @cognitivepolicy  
  2. The Challenge
    1. Human Carrying Capacity: Concepts, Methods and Models with Joel E. Cohen (video)
      1. Population Growth and Earth's Human Carry Capacity (pdf)
    2.   How much of Earth’s biomass is affected by humans?
      1. Census of Earth’s Biomass 
      2. Antarctic krill
      3. Deadly pesticide cocktail.” primary culprits
      4. megafauna extinctions
      5. 2011 biomass census compiled by Vaclav Smil
      6. Fish Stocks (pdf)
      7. Coral Reefs Killed 
      8. Degraded World's Forests 13 million hectares 
    3. Ecological Footprint Open Data Platform
    4. The Nine Planetary Boundaries Stockholm Resilience Centre
      1. Quantitative evolution of the boundaries
      2. Data resources
    5. Systemic Risks Sendai Framework
  3. Degenerated Political & Economic Systems
    1. Part 1 :: Can Altruism Trump Selfishness to Save Democracy and Planet Earth?
    2. Part 2 :: Case Studies -- Donald Trump and George Wallace -- How Existential Anxiety Leads to Authoritarianism
    3. Part 3 :: How to Create A Functioning Communications System to Save Democracy and the Planet
    4. Seeing Wetiko: On Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition
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    1. Regeneration Pathways
    2. BioRegionalism and Permaculture   
    3. Community Regeneration Maps
  5. Related Wiki pages
    1. Ostrom and the Commons
    2. Donella Meadows Institute (Limits to Growth)
    3. New Economic Paradigms
    4. Design Thinking  
      1. Using Design Thinking to Eradicate Poverty Creation
  6. Wiki Bridge page
    1. Platform Development
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The Challenge









    • The heart of our work is the Ecological Footprint. The Footprint measures human demand on nature, expressed as a single, easy-to-understand number that’s scalable from an individual to a global level. Our Footprint data and tools empower leaders at the local and national level to make confident policy and investment decisions backed by facts. 



  1. Stratospheric ozone depletion

  2. Loss of biosphere integrity (biodiversity loss and extinctions) 

  3. Chemical pollution and the release of novel entities

  4. Climate Change

  5. Ocean acidification

  6. Freshwater consumption and the global hydrological cycle

  7. Land system change

  8. Nitrogen and phosphorus flows to the biosphere and oceans

  9. Atmospheric aerosol loading





    •  The Sendai Framework reflects the certainty that in an ever more populous, networked and globalizing society, the very nature and scale of risk has changed, to such a degree that it surpasses established risk management institutions and approaches. Recent events - such as large-scale prolonged droughts and heatwaves, financial and commodity market crashes, large scale and long term human migration, cybervulnerabilities and political upheavals - carry the potential to generate diverse types of damage and destruction simultaneously, to vital infrastructure and even to the life support systems of very large parts of societies and economies.



Degenerated Political & Economic Systems







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Related Wiki pages







Wiki Bridge page







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FrontPage for NCP <<< Community Ecology   






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