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Community Regeneration Maps

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    • The Regeneration Hub Was Created To: • Empower citizens to engage with and support regenerative projects locally, nationally, regionally and globally. • Aggregate regenerative case studies from around the world to inspire project holders to collaborate and take action. • Inform communities and policymakers of the multiple benefits that regenerative systems offer farmers, cities and economies struggling to address the threats of food security, biodiversity loss and climate change. • Connect investors and funders with regenerative projects that have strong potential to scale. • Unite the global community of regenerative farmers, foodies, scientists, businesses, activists, educators, journalists, governments, entrepreneurs and consumers working with nature to solve our greatest challenges.




Salish Sea Restoration Workgroups




Solidarity Economy


Knowledge Ecologist


Regenerosity Networks


400+ Tools and innovations in scholarly communication




Let’s Talk Collapse


Climbing the Ladder of Awareness


Worldwide Permaculture Projects




Earth Regenerators - Regenerative Projects 


Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Ohio


Bullock's Permaculture Portal


Kootenay Permaculture


Permaculture Australia


Tilth Alliance 


Visionary Permaculture



Can Cultural Evolution Help Integrate the Social Sciences?


Transformational Change for Thrivability


Really Regenerative 



Community Regeneration







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