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FrontPage for New Community Paradigms

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Welcome to the New Community Paradigms Wiki


{Disclaimer: While it is created and maintained on an individual basis, the contents are meant to be freely shared. It is intended not as a teaching site but as a learning site sharedAll aspects of this wiki are accessible without having to sign up. There is no requirement to provide any personal information. No cookies have been incorporated into the creation of this wiki.


The links to resources are not meant to be considered as substitutes for the original sites, merely means of easy access.


This is a free, http public site without any security or expectation of privacy. Proceed accordingly. Many of the sites featured within are https secure but check.}


The world is becoming an increasingly complex place and the institutions we created to protect and serve our interests have ceased working effectively and are becoming more fragile while still maintaining status quo approaches to the world that has stopped being viable. This is becoming particularly true of local governmental institutions. This site is designed to provide resources to those seeking to write new rules for their community that are chosen directly by the community itself rather than imposed by institutions.


It provides access to online resources and advocacy communities so as to add to the knowledge and hopefully some wisdom in making stronger communities. Its mission is to endeavor to help others in defining a new and hopefully better future for themselves by creating a set of new community paradigms.


This wiki, as are all wikis, is a work in progress with the main purpose of creating a learning platform for discovering new ways of building what are labeled as community paradigms, allowing for greater depth and breadth of collaborative understanding through direct democracy. It is not intended for a politics as usual approach, though it could still be a useful resource.  


The why of this wiki is to develop strategies to innovatively disrupt entrenched forms of bureaucratic governmental institutions. More on how to use this site at "How to use this Wiki".  



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