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BGL Architecture

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With a structural skeleton built of carbon fiber, the lightweight and compact BMW Guggenheim Lab has been designed by Atelier Bow-Wow as a “traveling toolbox.” The lower half of the structure, a present-day version of the Mediterranean loggia, will be left open at most times. Its stagelike atmosphere will change often throughout the run of the BMW Guggenheim Lab and will draw its energy from the programs developed by the BGL Team. The cross-pollination and user interaction that will be an integral part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab’s programs find their counterpart in the upper part of the structure, which houses a flexible rigging system and is wrapped in a semitransparent mesh. Through this external skin, visitors will be able to catch glimpses of the extensive apparatus of tools that will be lowered or raised from the fully enclosed toolbox canopy according to the BMW Guggenheim Lab’s manifold programming needs: a formal lecture setting with a stage might become the scene for a celebratory gathering or a workshop with tables for hands-on experiments.


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