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Systems Thinking

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 ”Understanding Systems by Michael Ben-Eli’

  Part of Sustainability Laboratory’s online course on Systems Thinking and Systems Modeling









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Systems Thinking Associated Programs



      • Kumu on Vimeo 

        • Kumu is a visual data platform that allows you to map your relationships. Get started today by visiting kumu.io. Relationships matter to everyone - whether you're mapping your competitive landscape, developing networks of people, or creating system maps to change the world. Store your most important relationship information in Kumu and create maps that bring the big picture to life.

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    • Support the continued evolution and use of this FREE web based multi-user modeling & simulation environment. 








    • Based in Fuzzy-logic Cognitive Mapping (FCM), users can easily develop semi-quantitative models of environmental issues, social concerns or social-ecological systems in Mental Modeler by:  Defining the important components of a system  Defining the relationships between these components  Running "what if" scenarios to determine how the system might react under a range of possible changes.

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    • Kingfisher is a visual mapping tool that helps individuals and teams understand, explain, and collaborate on complex information. Based on years of applied research on how we think and learn, Kingfisher works the way your brain does: by organizing parts that can be combined and connected to each other to form a complete picture.

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